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Beed District Popular Tourist Spots

Most famous tourist spots in Beed district are Parali Vaidhyanath, Sautada Waterfall, Kankaleshwar Temple(Temple in the center of a lake), Bindusara Dam among all these there are many more attractive places to visit in the Beed District we have a list of all famous tourist places in District with there appropriate location on map to reach that spot.

When it comes to places to visit in Beed, there is a long list that follows and varies as per the choice of the person looking and the one who is recommending. But there is one thing

we can agree on, and that is how Beed is the perfect place to spend your time and enjoy it all. The Marathi tradition and the modernization both go in hand in hand in this beautiful Beed city.

Amongst the most famous of tourist places in Beed City, there are some that just stand out clearly from the rest. Be it the Sautada Waterfall Palace that has seen some of the most intense and prosperous times in the history of the area, or be it the heights of the Kapil Dhar Waterfall and Balaghat hills in the region, offering mesmerizing views of the areas around, Beed is clearly a place to not just spend a weekend in, but probably visit a lot often than that.

For the adventurer and explorer in you, one can go to the Bendsura Lake to take in views of the area as well as the wildlife that thrives around it.

Of the more famous places in Beed are the Peacock Century and the spiritual feel of being in the Mauli Maharaj Temple of the Chakarwadi. So the next time you are in Beed for whichever reasons, these are the places you should definitely be hitting.

Top Tourist Places in Beed City:

-Kankaleshwar Temple
-Sautada Waterfall
-Peacock Centaury
-Parali Vaidhyanath
-Yogeshwari Devi Temple
-Kapil Dhar
-Chakarwadi Temple
-Purushottam Puri
-Majalgaon Dam
-Kundlika Dam
-Peacock Hills
-Bindusara Dam
-Balaghat Hills
-Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargah
-Khandoba Temple
-Khandeshwari Devi Temple


Parali Vaidhyanath

Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga Temple, also known as Baba Dham and Baidyanath Dham, is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, Shiva's most sacred place.Read More


Sautada Waterfall

Sautada waterfall falls down from 1 thousand to 2000 ft high in Rameshwar valley,It is located on the border of Beed and Ahmednagar district. There are a lot of tourists at ..Read More


Kankaleshwar Temple

Temple of Lord Shiva, which has water in ancient times and all sides, Gramdaivat of Beedkar .It is a beautiful temple that should be visited in any season. Beautiful temple situated in the center of the lake.Read More


Bendusara Dam

This dam is at the distance of 9 to 10 km from Beed. The National Highway 211 is located near the dam. It is always the crowd of tourists on the dam. Visitors to this place can enjoy a boat safari.Read More

Beed District History

Beed District History:
History of Beed district is quite rich, and the district has been under the rule of a number of different rulers.

The city of Beed located here was called "Champavati Nagari" in the ancient period and there are still some old monuments showing the signs of past glory in the form of city entry doors (called Ves in local language) and city protection walls. The district was a part of the Nizam state before the independence of India and was included within the area of the Hyderabad State, till 1956.

When the Indian states were reorganised in 1956, the Marathwada region was included in the state of Mumbai and the Mumbai state was further divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat in 1960. Since then, Beed district has been an integral part of the state of Maharashtra.

Geography of Beed District

Beed District Geography:
The Balaghat range is the main range here in the district running from Ahmednagar in the west to the border of Beed district in the east.

This range divides the district of Beed into two parts. One is the plains area in the north called the Gangathadi and the other is the highland region of the Balaghat range called the Ghats. There are many hills in the district.

Most of the hills in the Balaghat range rise more than 2500 feet above sea level from the Balaghat range, whereas the plains have heights ranging between 1200 and 1500 feet from sea-level.

The main rivers flowing through the district include the Godavari River, Manjara, Sindphana, Wan and Bindusara. The climate in the district is mostly pleasant. There are three main seasons here- summer, winter and the monsoons.

Beed District Location

Location of Beed District :
Beed District is situated at the central-Western portion of Aurangabad. It lies between the latitudes of 18.28 and 19.28 and the longitudes of 74.54 and 76.57.

The district is bounded by Aurangabad and Jalna in the North, Parbhani and Latur in the East, Ahmednagar and Osmanabad in the South and Ahmednagar in the West.

Beed District Administration

Beed District Administration:
The Beed District is divided into 11 talukas namely Beed, Georai, Ashti, Patoda, Shirur, Wadwani, Ambajogai, Majalgaon, Kaij, Dharur and Parli. For administrative purpose two parts have been formed. One section is at Beed and it includes:
Tehsils while other section is Ambajogai that includes:
6)Wadwani Tehsils.

There are special Deputy Collector offices in these two sections. There are 11 Tehsils and excluding the urban area, there are 11 Panchayat Samities. At Beed, the Zilla Parishad governs all these 11 Panchayat Samities. The district is comprised of 1282 villages, 1115 Gram Panchayats and 6 Municipal Councils.

The Beed Nagarpalika is the largest municipal council in the district. There is a huge network of rural hospitals, primary health centres, sub-centres and cottage hospitals for providing health services in the Beed district.

Culture of Beed District

Culture of Beed District :
The culture in Beed district is predominantly Maharashtrian. Family, customs and religion hold great importance in the society. The people religiously follow various local customs in marriages and other functions.

Most of the people in the district are vegetarian, however, though non-vegetarian foods are also popular among various groups in all sects of society. Achar (pickle), Papad (poppadom), etc are a common part of the diet in the district.

The young men of the district mostly wear western outfits and the young women wear Salwar Kameez Dupata. A majority of the married women wear Saris and the elderly males like to wear traditional outfits. The major festivals in the Beed district include Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Id-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Buddha Jayanti, etc.

Economy of Beed District

Economy of Beed District :
The economic status of Beed district is quite impressive. Though the district is considered industrially backward, the people of the district are engaged in a variety of business. There are many dairies located in the district and the milk and dairy business is growing at a fast rate.

The fishery business is also doing quite well in the district. Many people in Beed district are involved in electricity production and supply industry as well.

Apart from these, there are several sugar factories, spinning mills and a Thermal Power Station in the district. There are also about 36 ginning factories in the district, as cotton is one of the major crops cultivated in Beed district.

Brick manufacturing activity is also an important occupation of this district. Though gradual industrial progress is being made, agriculture remains the main occupation of the people of the district.

There are two major agricultural seasons in the district, Kharif and Rabi. Jowar, Bajara, Cotton and Pulses are the main crops cultivated during the Kharif season and in Rabi season, the major crops cultivated include jowar, wheat, gram, safflower, oil seeds, etc. The other crops like sugarcane, groundnut and sunflower, etc. are also cultivated in the district.

Food Culture of Beed District

Food Culture of Beed District :
People of Beed are much disciplined about eating their meals. All the people of the family prefer to dine together.

In City areas, families dine at a dining table, whereas in rural area families dine in a group called 'Pangat'.

People of Beed are very careful about their diet; they like to eat fresh and spicy food.

Roadside food is very famous in Beed City, among this, the Jalebi and Bhajiya are very popular in food lovers.this special food is available in Karanja area of Beed.

A verity of food is prepared in the festive season. Puranpoli, Amti Bhat, is the very famous food in all the families.

People of Beed are mostly preferred to eat vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian food is also very popular in the city.

Biryani of Beed is very famous in Maharashtra. The city hotel is very famous and popular for their unique Biryani recipe.

Beed is very famous for roadside 'Dhabas' and their traditional Masala used in their dishes called 'Gavran Masala' which is used to prepare any type of food.'Gavran Masala' gives the unique and delicious test for food.

As compared to other metropolitan cities cost of food is very low. In a very low budget, you can eat delicious and tasty food at any hotel or Dhaba.

In rural areas of Beed the famous food 'Lapsi' and Kadhi Bhat' is very popular. which is served during the season of 'Palkhi' or 'Kirtan Mohastav'.People eat 'Lapsi' and Kadhi Bhat' in a systematic arrangement of people called 'Pangat'.

Seafood is very famous in Beed.Availability of water resources in the nearby location of the city this seafood will be available in the market of Beed and another area of the city.

As people of Beed follows the Maharashtrian culture the food served in the 'Thali' with Chapati, Varan Bhat, Papad, Pickle, Onion, Lemon, Sweet, Bajri Bhakri, Amti etc.

Maya tea is very famous in Hiralal Chowk area of Beed City. As you travel in the entire Beed District you will get different variation in food.

Entertainment and Nightlife of Beed:

Entertainment sector in Beed is not developed very well as compared to other metropolitan cities of Maharashtra.

Before few days there is no any specific option for People for entertainment in Beed. But now Beed city in changed very well and it's toward Modernization.

People of Beed are spending their money on Entertainment. People need quality entertainment and they are ready for entertainment expenses.

Nightlife of Beed is very rare exists since there is no disco and Pubs in the city.

Multiplex in Beed City:

While planning to watch movies in any city we will try to compare the rating of cinema halls.

Comparisons in a cinema hall in Beed are not done because there are only two multiplex cinema halls available in Beed city.

Hindi, Marathi and English Movies are available to watch in the multiplex. Hollywood movies are rarely available to watch in Multiplex.

E SQUARE - Santoshimata, Beed:

This is one of the best multiplexes in Beed city. This multiplex serves good quality service to the people.

This is one of the oldest cinema halls in the city. This multiplex is located at Sahunagar Pangri Road.

Asha Cineplex Beed:

Asha Cineplex is located at Dhanora Road area of the city. Hollywood, Bollywood and Marathi Movies are available to watch at this multiplex. This is another old cinema hall in the city.

Shri Yaswantrao Chavan Natya Gruh:

The Shri Yaswantrao Chavan Natya Gruh is a huge creative space in the Heart of the Beed, with easy accessibility from all areas of the city.

This place is available for all type of entertainment performances like drama, seminars, and fashion events.

Clubs In Beed City:

Clubs in the city are only for social service related. Some of the clubs are work in the health sector and educational sector of the city. Champavati club is one of the oldest clubs in the city. Entertainment purpose clubs are not available in the city.

Shopping Centers in Beed City:

Modernization of Beed city changes the shopping centers defination and structure. similar to Pune and mumbai city big malls are not available in Beed city. But as compared to malls, a group of many small and large shopping centers is available in the city.

Among these shopping centers Siddhivinayak shopping center, Sarda Capital, Bumb Circle Shopping Center,Tuljai Shopping Center,Navgan Plaza these are the famous Shopping centers in Beed City.

Banquet Hall,Wedding Lawns,Conference Hall,Wedding Venues,Event Locations In Beed District

Are you Planning for an event like a wedding, Birthday, wedding anniversary, conference halls, friends get together, for all these arrangements; the city has a verity of banquet halls and lawns available for you. These banquet spaces are mostly used as wedding venues but are also used for other events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Business and Economy Of Beed City:

Low rainfall and drought situation throughout the year in Beed district; this is the main reason for low industrialization. The main business of people is farming.

Farming bussiness of the city totally depends upon rain. There are a lot of small industries available in the city.where peoples are working as an employee.

Popular Oil Industry Tirumala Oil Group of Bussiness is located in Beed city.which created a lot of job opportunities in the nearby villages of the city.

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation(MIDC) is located in Beed City.MIDC is the location where small and medium scale businesses of the city are established. Dal Mills, Cement Products Industries, Oil Industries, Food Industries, Cotton Industries, this are the main Industries of Beed MIDC.

This industrial zone created jobs in the market. The main reason for low industrialization in Beed district is the lack of water resources and transportation facilities.

work of Ahmednagar-Beed-Parali Rail track is going on at high speed. News industries are expected to come here after completion of this ongoing rail track.

National Highway 211 and National Highway passes through Beed District which gives opportunities for Businesses for fast transportation.NH-222 is connected to Kalyan and Vishakhapattanam.NH-211 is connected to Solapur and Dhule District of Maharashtra.

This two National Highway gives the speed for transportation by road. In the future railway, transportation definitely changes the economy of entire Beed District.