Beed District Tourist Places

Top Tourist Places In Beed District



Beed district is famous for its historical places. These historical places are the traditional assets of Beed district. Famous historical places in Beed are :
Kankaleshwar Temple
Khandoba Temple
Khazana Vihir
Dharur Fort
Rajuri Ves
Kotwali Ves
Parali Vaidhyanath
Puroshottam Puri
Ganga Masala

Beed district is known as Assmak in ancient. After that, this district is known as Champavati Nagar with the name of Champavati Queen. Beed has a lot of historical places as discussed above.we will discuss those historical places one by one.

Top Tourist Places in Beed District:

Historic Gates:

Before the development of the city; there were one beautiful fort and a few historical gates for the city. The famous gate nowadays it is known as Hiralal Chowk. In the history of Beed, it is identified with the name as Mehboob Gunj.
Kotwali Gate which is on the western bank of Bindusara river. Another historical gate which is located at Killa Maidan.which is near to Milliya College Campus.
The entrance for new Beed city which is also called as the gateway of Beed city.Rajuri Ves is the only gate which is in good condition.
There are some ancient writings on each of these gates which are still visible. All these historical gates are struggling to stand there due to its maintenance.few of them are in a very bad condition.

Khazana Well:

Khazana vihir was built in 1583 by Salabat Khan.who was the Representor of Murtaza Nizam of Ahmednagar. Khazana Vihir is located about 6 KM towards the south of the City. There are a lot of stories about this water resource.
There are 4 underground tunnels available in this well.These tunnels are connected somewhere in the Beed city. In drought situation water of this well is useful for drinking purpose.

Mansur Shah tomb:

Mansur Shah tomb is the famous historical place in the Beed city.which is located at old Beed area of the city. This place is very famous in India.
Mansur Shah tomb was the 18th centuries Sufi saint. He is said to be the Spiritual Teacher(Dharma Guru)of Mahadji Sindhiya. The heir of Mahadji Sindhiya is still connected with Mansur Shah Tomb. They regularly came here for the worship of Mansur Shah Tomb.

Jama Masjid:

Jama Masjid was built during the ancient Mughal emperor. It was the largest mosque of Beed district. It still in good condition. Jama Masjid is located at the center of the city.during the Ramjan festival there is a huge crowd of people at Jama Masjid.

Kille Dharur, Beed:

Dharur fort was build in the ancient time of Adilsaha. The fort is not in good condition. only gates and few existences of old construction are available. Some water tanks are still available on the fort. These water resources are filled by rainwater in the rainy season. Tourist is still attracted to the Dharur fort because of history and nature around the fort.

Wildlife and Nature Trails in Beed District:

Naygaon Mayur Wildlife Sanctuary:

Naygaon Mayur Wildlife Sanctuary is located at Naygaon Mayur which is under Patoda taluka.This sanctuary come under Aurangabad forest division of Maharashtra. It is spread over 30KM area of Patoda Taluka.
This Sanctuary is beautiful place to watch. Sanctuary is specially reserved for Peacock. This is India's first Scantuary which is reserved for national bird of India.
This sanctuary has a huge tower's constructed everywhere to watch the wildlife and greenery scene of nature.The wildlife species of this sanctuary are Hyenas, Foxes, Black Buck Porcupines, Jungle cats, Palm Civets, Hares.

Trekking and Monsoon Spots in Beed District:

Bendsura Dam:

Bindusara Dam and the range of Balaghat hills are the perfect destinations for trackers.Especially in Monsoon season trackers are gathered in groups.
Sautada waterfall range is another tracking destination available in Beed district. The deepness of this waterfall give's an opportunity to tracker to climb the height of 2500 feet.

Pilgrimages / Religious Places in Beed District:

Kankaleshwar Temple:

Kankaleshwar temple is the historic asset of Beed district. This temple is very popular because of its construction.water is filled around the temple and temple is constructed at the center of Lake.

Khandoba Temple:

Khandoba temple is located towards the eastern hills of the city. Entire Beed city is visible from this temple. This temple is built in Hemadpanthi Style. In front of the temple, there are two huge Deepmala's.In ancient days it is said that these Deepmala's are used to shine the City with lamps enlighten.

Parli Vaijnath, Beed:

Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga temple is one of the Jyotirlinga among 12 of Jyotirlingas of India. This temple is located in Parali which is one of the taluka in Beed district. with the name of God Shivas Vaidhyanath, the name of this taluka is Parli Vaidhyanath.

Distance of Beed from Mumbai City is near about (385.2 km) MH MSH 2 and Bengaluru - Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai Hwy/Mumbai - Pune Hwy.

Beed The City Of Historical Places..!!

Yogeshwari temple, Ambajogai:

Yogeshwari Devi temple is located in Ambajogai taluka of Beed district. This temple is very famous in Maharashtra and nearby states of Maharashtra.
There is a very enthusiastic environment in Ambajogai During the Navratri. Festival of Navratri is celebrated for 9 days and Jatra is organized there during Navratri.

Dev Dahiphal:

Dev Dahifal is the sacred place of Lord Khandoba who fulfills desires of his worshipers. It is popular in Beed district for the Lord Khandoba. There is a festival organised in December month of every year.

Rakshbhuvan (Shani Dev):

Rakshbhuvan is ancient temple located on the banks of River Godavari. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shani Dev. There is another temple located Panchaleshwar which is famous in Beed district. On the occasion of Shani Amavasya, there is a festival of god shanidev which is celebrated by the devotees.

Manmath Swami Mandir, Kapildhar

Manmath Swami was the great saint of Beed District. Kapil Dhar which is located towards the south side of Beed City around the 15 Km. In the month of November/December there is a festival organized by the devotees of Manmath Swami.


Chakarwadi is the Samadhi location of Mauli Maharaj.which is not only famous in Beed District but also famous in entire India. Mauli Maharaj was great Saint of the 20th century. There is a huge crowd of people at Chakarwadi on every month's Amavassya.

Bankat Swami Temple:

Bankat Swami was a great saint. Bankat Swami Temple is located in Neknoor village of Kaij taluka. by the name of Bankat Swami Saint, there is a popular educational trust is Beed district. Bankat Swami Educational Trust Neknoor(Khadkighat).

Ashvalinga Temple, Pimplewadi:

Ashvalinga temple is located in Pimplewadi village of Beed district. Another temple which is located in this village that is Kartikaya Swami’s temple. This is the only single temple of Kartik Swami where women are allowed to take the blessing. This is the only one temple of Kartik swami in India.

Shri Kshetra Macchindranath Gad:

Machindranath Gad is located in Ashti taluka of Beed District.Machindranath was the founder of Nath Panth. Machindranath founded the school of Hath Yoga. This is the very popular temple in Nath Pantha.

Shree Shetra Narayangad, Beed:

Shree Shetra Narayangad is located on the huge hills of Shirur Taluka of Beed District. It is 21 KM from Beed City. It is founded by Saint Shree Narayan Maharaj. It looks like a fort and the structure looks like Hemadpanthi Style. Narayan Gad has various temples of God among all these Swambhu Mahadev Mandir, Vithal Rakhumai Mandir, Nagad Narayan Maharaj are the special temples.

Nagnath Temple (Manur):

This is famous in Beed for Lord Shiva’s Temple. It is located in Shirur(K) Taluka of Beed district. It is around 45 KM from Beed City. You can reach this location by road.

Gorakshanath Mandir, Beed:

This temple is famous for Nath Maharaj. It is located in Wadwani Taluka of Beed district. This temple is located at the top of the hill. It is close to Beed-Parli Highway.

Pohicha Dev:

This temple is famous in Beed for the lord Krishna. Temple belongs to Mahanubhav Panth. It is located on NH-211 near to Manjar Sumbha village. Envoiurment of nearby hills of Balaghat range added a feather of beauty. Especiely in Shravan, this temple is very beautiful to watch, because of Balaghat ranges are clearly seen behind the temple.

Navagan Rajuri:

This place is popular for Lord Ganesha temple. It is located towards the west of Beed city around 10 KM from Beed.

Rameshwar Temple, Soutada:

Rameshwar temple is located in Patoda taluka of Beed district. Sautada is the small village in Patoda taluka which is also famous for the waterfall. Sautada waterfall is very popular in entire Maharashtra.

Shree Kshetra Bhagwangad:

Bhagwan gad is the place of great saint Shree Bhagwan Baba. Bhagwan gad is very popular in Maharashtra and nearby cities of Beed district.

Asapurak Ganesh Temple, Namalgaon:

Namalgaon temple is very famous in Beed city. Namalgaon is famous for the temple of Lord Asapurak Ganesha Temple. This location is around 12 KM from Beed city. In every month there is a festival of Ganesh which is celebrated with a lot of excitement.

Sidhawad :

Sidhwad which is also called as Shidode.This village is famous for the Laxi Devi Temple.which is also popular in Beed City. This temple is built in an ancient year. This place is very close to the Beed city. There are various options available to reach this location.