Kankaleshwar Temple Beed


Kankaleshwar Temple Beed Information

Kankaleshwar Temple Beed:Beed is the historical city and it has many historical places one of which is Kankaleshwar Temple of the hindu deity lord Shiva.

It is said that this temple is constructed by Chalukya King Vikramaditya (sixth) in the 10th and 11th centuries.

It also has the small temple of deity Bhairavnath in the surrounding. People also conduct post-death practices in the surrounding of the temple.

The best thing about this temple is that it is constructed in the middle of the lake of around 84 square kilometers. The water around the temple enhances its beauty.

Out of all other historical places, Kankaleshwar temple is the most beautiful building.

It is the only historical building in good condition till now.

There is a common practice that most of the people from hindu religion come here after marriage.

The design of this temple resembles the design of ellora caves.

The architectural style of the temple is called hemadpanti.

During Mahashivratri festival, the big fair is held in the surrounding of this temple.

Don’t forget to visit this tourist place.