Kapil Dhar Beed


Kapil Dhar Temple Information

Kapil Dhar is famous for Manmath Swami Samadhi. Near the temple, there is a beautiful waterfall.

The height of this waterfall is around 50 Feet. In the month of Shravan, there is a festival of Lord Shiva in Kapil Dhar.

Rainy season is the best season to visit this place. You can see the small waterfalls everywhere from the hill. Kapil Dhar is located in Balaghat range which add’s more beauty in the environment.

In the rainy season, you can see the green environment everywhere at this location. People visit this place to watch the beauty of can find the verity of birds and animals in this area. Peacock is seen everywhere in Kapil Dhar.

Kapil Dhar is located towards the south of Beed city. It is located around 20 KM from Beed.Kapil Dhar is famous tourist destination in Beed district.

It is popular because of Balaghat hills and the waterfall falling down from the height of 40 to 50 Feet.This tourist spot is situated near to National Highway 211.

You can travel in any season of the year. In rainy season you will get more satisfaction of visiting this place.

You can reach at Kapil Dhar in the Morning and enjoy throughout the day up to 6:00PM.