Khandoba Temple Beed


Khandoba Temple Information

It is Often considered as the symbol of the Beed City, now the temple stands in a bad condition. It is situated on the eastern hills of Beed City.

Constructed and Built-in Hemadpanthi style, two parallel octagonal Dipmala was also known as the tower of light.

Rising 21.33 meters 70 feet height is standing in front of the Khandoba temple.which enlights the entire Beed City at night from huge hills.

Towers have carved pictures of humans and animals from bottom to top, now most of them defaced but symbols are still there.

There are two stories about the history and construction of Deepmala Khandoaba temple Beed. Among these ones says that it was built and constructed by the Sultanji Nimbalkar he was Jagirdar of Nizam.

The other says that it was constructed by Mahadji Scindia. Tarikh-e-Beed (History of Beed) mentions it with Nimbalkar.

Location of Khandoba temple is very peaceful which has a lot of trees around the temple premises.

You can visit this temple in any season. Best time to visit this temple is 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (IST).

Khandoba temple is considered to be as a Gram Daivat of Peoples. The festival of Shashti is celebrated here with happiness in the month of November-December.

From the top of Deepmala, you can see the beautiful picture of entire Beed city.