Majalgaon Dam Information

Majalgaon Dam is built on Sindhaphana river of Beed district. Construction of Majalgaon Dam was started in1976.

Inauguration of the Dam was in 1986.Dam is built using the stones and sand. Length of Majalgaon Dam is 6488 Meter and Height is 35.60 Meter.

The main purpose of this Dam is irrigation and electricity generation. Total 7813 hectare land is under the irrigation of Majalgaon Dam.

There are 16 gates available in the Dam. A shape of all these gates is like the alphabet 'S'.

Majalgaon Dam is the main water resource in Beed district.It is the main region of Jaikwadi Dam.Water of Majalgaon Dam is used for irrigation purpose.

In drough situation it is also used for drinking purpose.Water of Majalgaon Dam is Supplied to the Beed city.

If you observe the nearby farming land of Majalgaon Dam it is found that the most planted crop by farmer is Sugar Cane.It shows the availability of water in Majalgaon Dam.This Dam make life of farmer good with all aspects of his life.

Majalgaon dam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Beed district of Maharashtra state.

This dam is on the Sindhphana river. This dam is one of the components of stage II of the project Jayakwadi.

The dam is located 2 kms upstream from Majalgaon city.

This dam has 16 gates of size 12 X 8m

The water from the dam is used for irrigation for the crops like sugarcane, rice, L.S. cotton, gram etc. and hydroelectricity generation.

Three districts has benefits from this dam namely Beed, Parbhani and Nanded.

The area around this dam is beautified and calming with natural serenity.

If you want to go with group or simply hang out with your partner during monsoon season, Majalgaon dam is the best spot. Don’t forget to visit this tourist place.

Majalgaon Dam Map