Parali Vaidhyanath Jyotirlinga

Vaidhyanath Jyotirlinga Information

parli vaidyanath jyotirlinga is the famous jyotirlinga in India.It is also called as Baba Dham or Vaidhyanath Dham.

It is one of the twelve jyotirlingas,the location of Vaidhyanath Jyotirlanaga is disputed-Vaidhyanath jyotirlinga Deogarh,Jharkhand,Vaidhyanath Temple Parali(V.)Beed Maharashtra,Baijinath Temple Baijinath himachal Pradesh these are the claimed locations of Vaidhyanath Jyotirlinga.

Temple is built in stonr structure.Attractive and huge stambhas(Pillar’s) are lifting the weight of temple.

This temple is recentely renowated by lord shiva’s devotee in 1706.According to the religion known as Veershaiva Lingiyata this is the Best shivlinga temple in India.

According to a great story of place, Yogeshwari was married to Lord Shiva, where he is called Vaidyanath. The marriage party reached the place after the auspicious time of marriage because all of them were closed as stone statues.

The second story is that when Ravana went to Kailash and performed austerity for making God happy, as a result he had to suffer from cold, heat, rain etc.

Lord Shiva's treatment of Ravana was done by administering herbs made from herbs. Ravan was cured of his illness.

Thus Lord Shiva was called as Vaidyanant (Divine Doctor). It is said that there is very useful medicinal value in Ayurveda system in growing herbs and plants.

The temple is a stone structure. You can see the attractive and huge deep stamba (pillar). Local Guides said that the Ghat (stair case) was built in 1108 AD to enter the temple.

The sanctuary of the temples will be deep. But here in the court itself, it is considered as garbage. The priest said that Shivling was made from the Saligram, and the temple was rebuilt by the Shiva devotees in 1706 (more recently).

According to Veerashiva Lingayat (a sect who worships Lord Shiva alone) it is the best Shivling temple. There are many other stories about the place (stal mythology).

How to Reach Parali Vaidhyanath Jyotirlinga:

By Air: The Nearest airport is Latur which is around 62 KM from Parali (v).
By Train: Nearest station is Parali(V.) Beed.
By Road: Regular MSRTC Busses are available from every city of Maharashtra.
Stay: Lot of private hotels and government Rest house is available there for the stay in Parali. Special Bhakta Niwas are available for stay.