Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargah Beed

Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargah

Hazarat ShahenshahWali was the Sufi saint of 14th century. Hazarat ShahenshahWali came to Beed In the era of Mohammad Tughlak.

There are two different periods of building his Thomb and surrounding area there are 1385-1840. You can read all the details in History of Beed. Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargah is situated at Peth Beed area of Bee city.

This is near to Khandeshwari temple. Every year an Urs(festival) is held here in the third month of the Islamic calendar.

Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargha is famous in Beed district. famous Sindhiya family of Rajasthan is the devotee of Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargha.

from each and every religion people come here to celebrate the urs(festival) at Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargha.

How to Reach Hazarat ShahenshahWali Dargha:

By Air: The Nearest airport is Aurangabad which is around 135 KM from Beed.

By Train:Nearest station is Parali(V.) Beed. From Parli you can take any MSRTC bus that is going to Beed.

By Road:Regular MSRTC Busses are available from every city of Maharashtra.

Stay:Lot of private hotels and government Rest house is available there for the stay in Beed city.